Introducing the 'Huia's Lustrous Lacework' Pewter Collaboration Masterpiece

  • Artists: Anna Mollekin and Ninette Kruger Metal Art

  • Dimensions: 60x60cm

  • Price: NZ$3500 + shipping

This breathtaking bespoke pewter masterpiece is the result of a creative collaboration between Anna Mollekin and Ninette Kruger Metal Art. It's now seeking its forever home.

"My love for New Zealand inspires my art. I celebrate our country's beauty, flora, and fauna. New Zealand is woven into my very being. The lace pattern symbolises the interconnection that makes it the tapestry of my life." ~ Anna

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Your Chance To View Huia's Lustrous Lacework Metal Artwork In Person

How about catching up to meet the incredibly talented Ninette Kruger Metal Art? We've collaborated on a breathtaking piece called 'Huia's Lustrous Lacework,' a stunning pewter metal wall art.

If you are in the Tauranga area this weekend (23-25 FEBRUARY 2024), swing by the BOP Open Studios - Open Studio Art Trail. Ninette is graciously opening the doors to her shared studio with Deb Clarke Art.

It's a fantastic opportunity to connect with the artists, explore their creations, chat about their artistic journey, and even snag some unique pieces directly from their studio.

Here are the details:

I won't be there myself, but don't miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the world of art, meet my brilliant collaboration partner behind 'Huia's Lustrous Lacework,' and seize the opportunity to see this stunning piece up close for sale in person.

Artist collaboration - Anna Mollekin Art & Ninette Kruger Metal Art

Collaboration: Anna Mollekin and Ninette Kruger's Metal Artwork Series

As a New Zealand artist, I am passionate about using my art to make a positive impact on the world, especially when it comes to conservation. That's why I was absolutely thrilled to collaborate with the amazing Tauranga Metal Artist, Ninette Kruger.

Our collaboration began in July 2020 when Ninette reached out to me after seeing my artwork on a Facebook group. We decided to work together to create a series of metal artworks featuring my original "Lace" drawings, which were brought to life through Ninette's incredible metal embossing skills.

It was an incredible experience to work with Ninette and bring our artistic visions to life. Each piece was truly unique, with Ninette expertly translating my distinct digital artwork into a 3-dimensional metal masterpiece using her own one-of-a-kind pattern designs.

It's amazing to see the impact that our art has had, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented artist who shares my passion for making a difference in the world through art.

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