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Unveiling the Beauty: Discover the Magic of Modern Metal Wall Art Decor - Behind the Scenes

This week I caught up with the talented Metal Embossing Artist Ninette Kruger about our collaboration Metal Wall Art 'Kiwi's Lace.' I have put together a sneak peek for you of behind the scenes creating this modern metal wall art decor. 10% of artist proceeds (excluding gallery commission) of the sale of this stunning bespoke artwork will be donated to Moehau Environment Group. Learn about Ninette's drive to donate to charities and not-for-profits, and find out the interesting story behind the "Florals & Flutters" Art Exhibition where 'Kiwi's Lace' metal wall art was exhibited. You will also hear what 'Kiwi's Lace' means to Ninette and learn about this artwork's metal.

Original ink pen sketch of 'Kiwi's Lace' by Contemporary New Zealand Artist Anna Mollekin.

See behind the scenes at creating 'Kiwi's Lace' from pencil sketch and digital artwork by Anna Mollekin to being uniquely hand-embossed into Metal Wall Art by the amazing Ninette Kruger.

What drives you to do art for a cause and donate 10% to charities and not-for-profits?

Since I can remember, I have been immensely compassionate and wanted to help people who were struggling/suffering. 

I think growing up in a family where both my parents were physically disabled due to Polio and seeing my brother loose his leg in an accident really opened my eyes to the daily challenges of those who live with disabilities. 

In my 30’s, while still living in in South Africa, I started a job creation project for individuals who lost their jobs and income, or who were not able to work in the formal sector due to physical/mental challenges.

We taught them basic sewing, knitting and baking skills and sold the products they created to generate an income for them. 

It was an incredible experience to see the positive impact it had on the group, how their confidence grew as they learned new skills and the pride they took in their work because someone believed in them. 

I believe each of us can have a positive impact on our community and environment, and that we don’t have to over-complicate it. 

Donating 10% of the sale price of my first art collaboration with Anna sponsored 6 predator traps for a year at the Moehau Environment Group Kiwi Sanctuary, which means less predators, and a better survival rate for Kiwi Chicks. It gives me great joy knowing we are helping to protect this vulnerable national treasure. 

Metal Embossing Artist Ninette Kruger with 'Kiwi's Lace' Collaboration artwork at the "Florals & Flutters" Art Exhibition to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

Tell us about your “Florals & Flutters” Art Exhibition and motivation to donate to Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand​

This exhibition was such a great experience and adventure! It started with a conversation with a dear friend just after lockdown in New Zealand. She asked me what I was up to during that time and I told her I created so many metal artworks during that time that I decided to call myself an artist and started selling them. 

She offered their barn to me and a few artist friends for an exhibition, and the rest is history!

We felt lead to raise awareness and funds for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand as 2020 was a particularly trying year for many people, and we really want to support them in the great work they do. 

We decided on “Florals & Flutters” as we wanted to bring beauty hand joy through floral art, and remind people that in order to bloom, a seed has to go through a long period in the dark, be broken open, and with the right circumstances, sprout, grow and eventually bloom. 

This process takes time...

The significance of the butterflies in the exhibition were a reminder of the complete transformation process a caterpillar goes through. This is such a beautiful story of redemption, and a great reminder that we can become beautiful creations, walking in our purpose if we release control and trust the process. 

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely do we stop and pay attention to the process of change and transformation it had to go through. 

This reminds us that we to can grow and change, and that we are never too far gone to become who God created us to be, living lives full of purpose, passion and joy. 

The birds in the exhibition pieces symbolises freedom, and us living our best lives. 

Collaboration artwork 'Kiwi's Lace' - Metal Wall Art by Anna Mollekin and skilfully hand-embossed into metal by Ninette Kruger.

Every artist has their own views and interpretation: what does 'Kiwi's Lace' mean to you?

I really enjoyed embossing 'Kiwi’s Lace'. Firstly, this art collaboration was decided on during October, which is “Save the Kiwi” month. 

This beautiful drawing by Anna reminded me of how uniquely each of us are created, and how important each piece of creation is, and how specifically it was designed to fit within a greater purpose.

It reminded me of the delicate balance between Kiwi’s and their indigenous habitat, and how vulnerable they are with predators. 

This piece is also a celebration piece to me, my biggest embossing project to date, and such a wonderful statement piece with its copper highlights. 

I was filled with gratitude and wonder at the beautiful friendship that I formed with Anna (whom I haven’t met in person yet), just because both of us were willing to take a chance on collaborating. We have learned so much from each other and on this journey, and that is something I am deeply grateful for. 

What metals are 'Kiwis Lace' made of?

'Kiwi’s Lace' metal wall art was embossed on a pewter sheet. The copper highlights were achieved by adding copper patina, which reacts to the copper content in the pewter and turns the pewter a beautiful copper colour.

How long did it take you to emboss it into metal?

This piece measure 50x50cm and took 27.5 hours to emboss and patina.

What is the substrate's characteristics of this metal artwork?

Pewter does tarnish and darken over time, which adds to the character of the piece. This is a natural process which occurs as the metal reacts to natural elements such as humidity and oxidation. 

The piece can be polished up with metal polish to restore its original shine. 

The timeless and bespoke 'Kiwi's Lace' Metal Art is now available

'Kiwi's Lace' has been handcrafted to the highest quality standards. The art collector of this set will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by both Ninette Kruger and Anna Mollekin giving you the peace of mind that this is truly a limited edition collector's artworks.

There's only one of these available, so if you're serious about collecting art and collecting precious wall art NZ themed, that is one-of-a-kind and timeless, now's your chance. This exclusive NZ artwork is now available for purchase at The Art Lounge Fine Art Gallery, 117 Willow Street, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand. Pop in and view it today.


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