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Are there yoga poses to boost creativity?

This week on the blog, I caught up with the inspiring Auckland based Yoga Instructor Simone Price to learn more about Yoga poses for creativity and how Yoga can help busy creatives.

Simone Price - Yoga Instructor at Simone Price Yoga

I knew Simone offered online Yoga courses, so I was curious to learn more about this, her background and her Yoga business. After meeting Simone a few months ago, I was drawn to her passion for educating people about how Yoga improves wellness. Also her true dedication shines brightly for creating personal and customised yoga practice programmes to maximise time, energy and wellbeing.

She gets what it's like being a busy parent and also understands one size does not fit all. I get so tired as a Mum, running my business and everything in-between, and quite often feel overwhelmed, which leads to creative block. I wanted to chat with Simone to learn more about Yoga and if and how it could benefit busy creatives like me. Watch our interesting interview now.

Yin/Yang Yoga practice to help with Creativity Blocks - Yoga for Creativity

Are you struggling to overcome a creative block?

In this FREE video, Simone Price Yoga presents an amazing 40 minute Yin/Yang yoga practice to help with Creativity Blocks especially for you.

When you are experiencing blocks you need to take a look at yourself and what is going on in your inside and outside worlds. This practice allows us to clear the mind and calm your nervous system, connecting inward and drawing up any stuck emotion, finishing with a movement practice to get the energy flowing once more.  


40 mins - you can also split this into two 20min sessions.

Equipment needed for this yoga practice:

  • 1 x Folded Blanket
  • 2 x Yoga Blocks (if you don't have blocks you can use a couple thicks books or a chair)
  • 1 x Strap

Have you got any Yoga questions, or would you like to know more?

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