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Mesmerised by this absolutely beautiful Metal Embossing Process

I caught up with the talented Ninette Kruger of Ninette Kruger Metal Art to learn more about her and what she loves most about Metal Embossing Art, how she connected with out latest collaboration artwork 'Tui's Lace', and the mediums and tools she uses. I am completely mesmerised by Ninette's metal art process transforming my artwork into one-of-a-kind Metal Artworks and find it so satisfying to watch. Read about what she shared with me in this blog below.

Please note: all artwork © Anna Mollekin & Ninette Kruger 2020 - this artwork cannot be reproduced or copied without written permission from Anna Mollekin & Ninette Kruger.

Watch this YouTube video see a behind-the-scenes speed video of Ninette Kruger creating my 'Tui's Lace' artwork as metal art well as learn about my inspiration behind this artwork.

What do you love most about being a Metal Embossing Artist?

I absolutely love the creative freedom metal embossing and pewter art offers! Firstly, there is a variety of metals that are suitable for embossing, including pewter, aluminium, colour-coated aluminium and copper sheets to name a few.

Secondly, you can translate absolutely any design as a metal artwork, using the three different techniques of “Low relief”, “high relief” and engraving /debossing.

Thirdly, it is such a fun medium to play with if you love colour, as you can paint on the metal using glass paint, acrylic paint, chalk paint or even spray paint and alcohol inks. The possibilities really are endless!

What did you enjoy most about the Tui's Lace artwork?

Since moving to New Zealand in 2016, our family has fallen in love with New Zealand fauna and flora and have been blown away by the natural beauty of our environment. We live in Tauranga, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, and on weekends we love to explore the forests, lakes and beaches in our area. I have a soft spot for Tui’s and am mesmerised by the repertoire of sounds they can make, and a favourite past time is watching them enjoy and frolic in the Chinese Cherry trees in early spring. They are just so lovely and entertaining!I especially loved all the detail in this design and it was a pleasure to watch it come to life as I embossed the design. I love all things lace and vintage, so this design really hit the sweet spot for me. Not to mention the little heart… I adore heart designs!

What medium did you use and what is the size of the 'Tui's Lace' Metal Artwork?

The metal I used in this collaboration is aluminium. Aluminium is a bit “stiffer” than pewter and the sheet width is narrower than pewter in general, which is why is chose to do these designs on aluminium, as the artworks in this series measures approximately 170mm in diameter. I try to limit product wastage as much as I can.

What artist tool could you not live without?

I have almost every metal embossing tool ever made, but in all honesty, I use my sharp-tipped Teflon tool and a few paper pencils almost exclusively for all the designs I create.

Learn more about our collaboration

Our first collaboration piece together was 'Homegrown Lace.'  Our second collaboration artwork was 'Fantail's Lace.' You can learn more about this in my previous blog 'See behind the scenes: Blissful Metal embossing art'

Ninette also interviewed me on her YouTube channel 'Ninette Kruger Metal Embossing Academy' about our collaboration. Watch it now:

Connect with Ninette Kruger

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