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See behind the scenes: Blissful Metal embossing art

Fantail's Lace

I'm excited to share my latest art collaboration 'Fantail's Lace' with Ninette Kruger Metal Art, a Metal Embossing Artist based in Tauranga, New Zealand. This video is a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Ninette Kruger showing you how she creates these pieces.

Ninette has created a beautiful hand-embossed, three-dimensional metal artwork of my 'Fantail's Lace.' Her beautiful Metal Art medium and artisan skills has brought my artwork to life in a way I could never have imagined.

I drew 'Fantail's Lace' in black ink pen back in August 2018 then I redrew it digitally in Adobe Illustrator in April 2020 creating it into a beautiful high-quality art print. My love of New Zealand inspired this artwork, and I wanted to celebrate our country and its beautiful flora and fauna. New Zealand is the fabric of my being.

How did Ninette and I meet?

Ninette and I first met virtually at the beginning of July 2020. Ninette saw my artwork on the Chooice (formally know as New Zealand Made Products) Facebook page and said she instantly fell in love with my style and how I incorporate native New Zealand fauna and flora in my work.

Ninette reached out to me and asked if I would like to collaborate. I checked out her work and was utterly blown away by her skill and creativity with Metal Art Embossing. I had never seen anything like it before. I was honoured and said yes, and then we commenced on our collaborative journey and friendship together.

About Ninette Kruger

Ninette was born and raised in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 2016 with her family and now lives in the sunny Bay of Plenty, in the charming coastal town of Tauranga, New Zealand.

A creative at heart, Ninette enjoyed many different art and craft mediums over the years, but fell in love with pewter as a medium in 2004. It has been a passionate love affair ever since! 

Ninette is inspired by the beauty of her surrounds and the pristine beaches, forests and lakes of New Zealand and her work is influenced by the vibrant colours and creative energy of growing up in Africa.Her work includes working on metal mediums such as pewter, aluminium, copper-plated aluminium and colour-coated metals.

Ninette features a lot of texture and depth and she enjoys creating floral patterns. Her work has a sense of joy and whimsy and she loves exploring with different colour techniques on metal, and her work is often bold and brightly coloured.

What is Metal Embossing and Pewter Art?

Metal embossing or Pewter Repousse (French) is an ancient art form used to impart a design upon malleable metal sheets. Learn more about this in Ninette's blog 'What is Metal Embossing and Pewter Art?'

Our first collaboration artwork 'Homegrown Lace'

Our first collaboration piece together was 'Homegrown Lace.'

Ninette also interviewed me on her YouTube channel 'Ninette Kruger Metal Embossing Academy' about our collaboration. Watch it now: Collaboration & Interview with New Zealand Artist Anna Mollekin

I love collaborating with Ninette Kruger Metal Art and cannot wait to do more art pieces with her.

Commission Metal Wall Art

For commission enquiries for Ninette Kruger Metal Art x Anna Mollekin please contact:
Ninette Kruger Metal Art:
Anna Mollekin:

For more information and to see more bespoke nature-inspired Metal Art check out:
Ninette Kruger Metal Art - NZ Metal artist

Please note: all artwork © Anna Mollekin & Ninette Kruger 2020 - this artwork cannot be reproduced or copied without written permission from Anna Mollekin & Ninette Kruger.


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