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Pewter Metal Wall Art: A Creative Conversation with Ninette Kruger

In the enchanting world of art and creativity, there are stories that inspire, journeys that captivate, and collaborations that birth exceptional pieces of art. Today, I'm excited to introduce you to the captivating world of pewter metal wall art, a medium that holds a unique charm. Join me as I take you on a journey with the talented artist Ninette Kruger, based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

From left: Ninette Kruger and Anna Mollekin at 2023 Auckland Art Show

Meeting Ninette Kruger: An Artist's Introduction

Imagine having the chance to connect with an artist who transforms pewter into intricate works of art. In my interview, we got to know Ninette Kruger, a Metal Artist originally from South Africa. With her lively and warm personality, Ninette shared her journey and artistic process with us and she radiates a contagious enthusiasm for her creating pewter metal wall art.

Ninette inherited her love for pewter art from her grandmother. She described pewter as a malleable metal with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters, which allows for intricate details and textures. As she walked us through her studio, she revealed her tools, including various bull tip tools and sharp Teflon instruments that she uses to create her pieces. The love for pewter art comes from the meditative and rewarding experience it offers, as well as the surprise factor that each piece brings to life during the creation process.

Some of Ninette Kruger's Pewter Metal Wall Art tools.

A Journey of Discovery and Development

Ninette's creative journey is an exploration of her own unique voice in the art world. As she shared, her creative path led her to dabble in various artistic forms, from mosaics to jewellery making, before discovering her true passion in creating pewter metal wall art. This artistic evolution isn't without its challenges and frustrations, but Ninette's dedication shines through. She explained that art, for her, is a way to process life, a place of calm and peace in the midst of chaos.

Ninette shares her thoughts: "Art is a mirror of the soul. It's where I find my voice and express my inner world."

Behind-the-scenes work in progress of one of our past Pewter Metal Wall Art collaborations, 'Homegrown Lace.'

The Power of Collaboration

One of the highlights of our conversation was discussing our creative collaboration between Ninette and myself, Anna Mollekin, a digital artist known for my intricate graphic art style. Together, we brought the extinct New Zealand Huia bird back to life in an exquisite pewter metal wall art.

'Huia's Lustrous Lacework' original digital artwork by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Breathing Life into a Vanished Beauty: The New Zealand Huia Bird

I'm truly captivated by the New Zealand Huia bird. Its sad story and the pressing call to protect our environment have always touched me deeply. Using my digital art skills, I've worked hard to revive the Huia, aiming to rekindle appreciation for its lost beauty. Each pen stroke in my digital art pays homage to this amazing bird, symbolising our duty to safeguard our wildlife. The intricate patterns in my pieces mirror the delicate connection between our New Zealand natives and their environment.

'Huia's Lustrous Lacework' pewter metal wall art.

Ninette's Expertise in Pewter Sculpting

Ninette Kruger, my partner in this artist collaboration, is a pewter metal artist with an incredible eye for detail. She possesses the impeccable skill of hand-embossing pewter to perfection. Her work on our collaborative project showcases the intricate beak and plumage of the Huia, preserving its delicate beauty. The result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Ninette emphasises, "Pewter art allows me to breathe life into metal, preserving the essence of nature."

Styling inspiration for the bespoke 'Huia's Lustrous Lacework' pewter metal wall art.

Rekindling Awareness and Inspiring Action Through Art

Our collaborative artwork is more than just a beautiful pewter metal wall art. It's a call to action. It reminds us of the delicate balance between human progress and nature, urging us to protect our environment. We hope that through our art, we can inspire others to join the cause and contribute to New Zealand's conservation efforts. Our art carries a powerful message - a plea for conservation and a symbol of hope. We aim to rekindle awareness and action, ensuring that the Huia's story becomes a beacon of light in our quest for a more sustainable future.

'Huia's Lustrous Lacework' pewter metal wall art.

As we wrap up this artistic journey, I invite you to explore our exquisite pewter metal wall art, 'Huia's Lustrous Lacework,' up close. Created by Ninette Kruger and myself, this bespoke collaboration is a true work of art, measuring a generous 60x60cm. It's a sight to behold, filled with intricate details and textures. If you're a New Zealand homeowner, interior designer, or office manager looking for unique native New Zealand bird art to enhance your living or working spaces, it's waiting for its forever home!


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