Artist, Anna Mollekin

“Art is an escape for me from the hustle of everyday life. I create because it makes feel whole and it is my passion.” - Anna Mollekin, Artist

I was born in Thames, New Zealand and studied a Bachelor of Media Arts in Hamilton. I currently work as a freelance graphic designer and live near the beach in Auckland, New Zealand with my family.

My journey as an artist has been both revitalised and influenced by my trips  abroad to places like India and my year sabbatical living in China in 2015. From the use of bright colours to patterns, the inspiration is evident in my work.I draw my inspiration from my life experiences and surroundings. My work explores themes of New Zealand, nature/environment, popular culture, and portraiture. 
I am known for my vibrant art aesthetic that plays with strong lines, positive and negative space and 2D shapes to create dimension and texture. 

I predominately create digital artwork as well and ink drawings.


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