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Doodlewear proudly supports New Zealand local artists and print production.

This week I have had the pleasure of catching up with Libby Liu the amazing creative and director of doodlewear to talk about her art sweaters and creative graphic tees. Doodlewear is a New Zealand artist collab that is focused on bringing creatives together. I myself, have been a proud member of this amazing artist collaboration since 2018. At doodlewear you will find art for everyday wear. Doodlewear's artsy garments are drawn by New Zealand artists and printed individually with care here, in New Zealand. 

Outfit inspiration featuring doodlewear 'Fantail's Lace' womens sweater in pale pink by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Find out about Libby's background, why she started doodlewear and what she loves most about her job. In this interview blog, you will also learn about the quality of the graphic tees and art sweater garments as well as doodlewear's sustainability and ethical practices. Here's what Libby had to say.

Libby, tell me a little bit about your background, qualifications and experience.

Doodlewear is a passion project of mine. I’m actually a full-time Freelance Graphic Designer specialising in Brand and Packaging design. I studied Bachelor of Graphic Design at AUT, worked in a few studios and print companies – and have been working for myself in freelance work for about 4 years now.

doodlewear's Director Libby Liu wearing her own artsy doodlewear 'Milk & Cookies tee (col)' tee

Why did you start doodlewear?

Established in 2017, I was inspired to start doodlewear after being repeatedly disappointed in the tee and print quality of overseas online sites, and struggled to find creative artsy tees locally.

Why should customers choose doodlewear garments?

We are unique to other overseas online tee websites in that:

  • we host NZ artists only.
  • we print on high quality 100% cotton garments.
  • our garments are digitally printed, so your shirt still feels like a shirt, without any of that nasty cracking.
  • we curate our art so you don’t have to shuffle through thousands of prints.

Doodle 1 tee (col), I Love You This Much tee (col) and Milk & Cookies tee (blk) doodlewear art tees by Libby

What do you love most about your job?

As the director of doodlewear, I love connecting with artists from all parts of New Zealand! It’s so amazing seeing the talent and diversity of our creatives.

Tell me about the printing process, the inks used and their characteristic

We use Oeko-Tex certified eco friendly inks so our prints not only have good wash/UV durability, but are safe for adults, children and infants. Our printers print them individually upon each order. The garment is first ironed, then placed on a digital garment printer platen, which goes into the printer. You can then see the nozzle going back and forth like an inkjet printer! Once it’s finished, we set it aside to cool down and dry.

What is the quality like of your garments?

Our garments are from the quality brand AS Colour and are soft and high quality, and because our digital printer prints the ink directly onto the material, your tee or crew will still feel soft over the printed area.

Outfit inspiration featuring doodlewear art tees She's Home tee by New Zealand Sarah Higgins Art

How do you care for your doodlewear garments?

Our garments have a good wash/UV durability but will fade over a length of time. To care for your doodlewear garment – wash and dry it inside out so that the printed side is protected. Always cold wash only and dry under shade as heat will fade the ink. Do not iron directly onto printed surfaces and try not to rub at the print. Our garments are not suitable for dry cleaning or tumble drying.

What sustainable/environmental systems does doodlewear have in place?

The ink our printers use are Oeko-Tex certified and eco friendly. In printing-to-order, we only produce what is required, and avoid having leftover/unwanted stock that often goes to waste.

Outfit inspiration featuring doodlewear art sweater 'Nice Pair crew'. This womens sweater is pale pink and is by New Zealand Artist Clouds of Colour

Where are your t-shirts and crews from and are they ethically produced?

Our garments are from AS Colour. According to their website they have an experienced ethical sourcing specialist and do source responsibly, with an A- grade in the 2019 Ethical Fashion Report. AS Colour believes in transparency, and that “good workplace standards, decent health and safety requirements, fair pay and conditions, and care for the environment are important elements in business success.” You can find more about their production here. They have a high level of traceability of their suppliers which you can read about here.

What is produced in New Zealand?

The artwork from our artists are produced in New Zealand and the printing is done locally in Auckland.

Outfit inspiration featuring Doodlewear art sweater 'Botanical Lace'. This womens sweater is in grey and is by New Zealand Contemporary Artist Anna Mollekin.

Support your local artists through doodlewear!​​

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