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Floral Tui Artwork Collaboration: A Burst of Creativity

Unveiling an Amazing Tui Artwork Collaboration

We're excited to share with you an extraordinary artistic collaboration that has blossomed into a true masterpiece – our "Tui’s Floral Fiesta." Lesh and I, Anna, teamed up to bring you a burst of creativity that combines contemporary pieces with a touch of retro charm. In this blog, we'll take you behind the scenes of our creative process, explore Lesh McNicholl's unique artistic style, and delve into the inspiration behind this joyful Tui artwork project.

Meet the Artist: Lesh’s Journey

Let's start by introducing Lesh McNicholl of Lesh Creates the talent behind the stunning foreground Tui and Manuka flowers in our collaboration. Born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand, Lesh’s artistic journey began in her school years. She studied painting, photography, and art history, igniting her passion for creativity. Today, she resides in Wellington with her family and has dedicated herself to showcasing her art to the world.

"Over the years, I've dabbled in artwork, but it wasn't until recently that I decided it was time to share my creations with the world."

Lesh's work in progress on our "Tui’s Floral Fiesta" created in acrylic and Indian ink pen.

The Medium of Artistic Expression

Lesh's artistic process is both fascinating and accessible. She prefers an A3-sized canvas and 300gsm cold press watercolour paper, proving that you don't need expensive materials to create beautiful art. Her choice of Chrome Acrylic Paint, watered down and layered, forms the foundation of her work. The magic happens when she uses an Indian Ink Pen to outline and add intricate details, giving her pieces that delightful retro vibe.

 "I believe it's not about the cost of materials; it's about what you do with them that truly counts."

Inspiration from Nature's Beauty

Nature serves as Lesh’s primary muse. Her family's geocaching adventures take them on journeys filled with hidden treasures and encounters with native birds and flora. These experiences inspire her to paint the beauty of New Zealand's landscapes, native birds, and flora, often using her "educational artwork" style to label plants with scientific, English, or Te Reo Maori names.

"Nature fuels my creativity, and I love creating art that educates and inspires others."

Influences and Artistic Role Models

Lesh's artistic journey was influenced by her family's artistic lineage, particularly her Aunty Glenda, who painted a portrait using innovative techniques, leaving a lasting impression on Lesh. She also found inspiration in my own artwork, appreciating the vibrant colours and realism in my pieces. This mutual admiration led to our incredible collaboration.

"Working with Anna has been a blessing. Her art is so beautiful, and I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her."

Unlocking My Artistic Journey: From Wardrobes to Tui Artwork

Getting into the world of selling art wasn't a planned venture for Lesh; it evolved naturally as she navigated the phases of motherhood. Balancing three kids often left her with limited opportunities for creative expression, but she seized those moments when they came her way. From painting her children's freestanding wardrobe to indulging in adult colouring books and sketching, Lesh found solace in these artistic pursuits. However, it was the lockdown that truly propelled her artistic journey. Amidst the chaos, Lesh turned to art as a form of therapy, painting and illustrating to calm her mind.

“Encouraged by the positive feedback from friends and family, I ventured into selling my artwork, and it has since become a source of joy, allowing me to share the beauty of my imagination with the world.”

The Birth of floral Tui artwork

Our collaboration, "Tui’s’ Floral Fiesta," emerged as a celebration of our shared love for nature and art. We chose the Tui, one of our favourite birds, as our central art. Lesh's meticulous planning and my free-flowing style combined seamlessly, resulting in a vibrant, circular Tui artwork composition. The use of outlines, a common thread in both our styles, added a unique touch to the artwork.

 "Collaborating with Lesh was a joy. It's amazing how two different styles can harmonise so perfectly."

Spreading Joy Through Art

In a year that demanded a little extra joy, our floral Tui artwork brings brightness and cheerfulness to our lives. We believe that art has the power to uplift spirits and connect people. Limited edition prints of our collaboration are available on my website,, and open-edition T-shirts are also available at doodlewear. We wanted to keep the wall art prints limited in quantity to make them extra special.

Join Us in Celebrating Tui Art

"Tui’s Floral Fiesta" is a testament to the magic that happens when two artists come together to create something beautiful. We hope this blog has given you a glimpse into our creative world and inspired you to explore the joy of art. If you haven't already, check out our collaboration on and share your thoughts with us.


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